Question about Web blocking and firewall function on 580?

hi all ,

i use peplink 580
Model: Peplink Balance 580
Firmware: 6.1.3s20 build 1261

i see my web blocking don’t be same as

i see only in my box how we do for this feature .

And firewall feature , i’m so confuse when i create inbound access complete. i can access that service from outside. after that we need more security then
we create firewall rule for allow only services as we need to access from outside and the other DENY all at the end of rule. after we apply we can not access our services in inbound access from the outside then we must use remove DENY all from the end of rule (allow any instead). How i can permit only my service need and block all services.

Could you please advice. thank you in advance.

Please upgrade using the latest firmware and you should have the same feature as shown in the knowledge-base:

You can download the latest firmware by using the URL below:

What is the destination IP address define for the firewall rules ? The correct destination IP for the inbound firewall rules should be using local IP address for the servers. Make sure you define the inbound firewall rules destination IP using local IP address for the servers instead of public IP address else the firewall rules will not take effect to allow the inbound traffics.

Do share us 1 of the sample inbound firewall rule and we can advice accordingly.

Thank You

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