Question about VPN


I have a Peplink SOHO PPTP VPN using DYN on my Comcast cable ISP.

Everything seems to be working fine. What confuses me is that when my wife logged into a Mariot hotel WiFi in LA and looked up where here IP address appears it is showing LA or San Diego. I can see her connection on the router in our office at home. But that one is connecting to Fremont.

Is her internet connection encrypted and safe? My assumption is that she should appear to be entering the internet from home.

We are are traveling to Europe and need to use public WiFi…

Looking forward to your reply(s).



If she is connected to the PPTP VPN, her IP address when going out to the internet will be determined by the VPN client. By default, the Windows VPN client sends all internet traffic through the VPN, but you can change that in the advanced TCP/IP settings of the client.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Any idea how to do this on Mac OSX ?-)

More importantly is her data stream safe and can I still access the internet from abroad as if I am still in the US?

The other day I had a friend using my VPN from Greece and he appeared to be accessing the US from my local ISP…

Sorry for my ignorance about VPN its al new to me.

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There should be an option to “Send all traffic” in your PPTP VPN settings on the Mac.

Additional information found here: How to Use VPN on Your Mac | Envato Tuts+

Yes that worked :up::up::up::up::up::up:

Nice, thanks for the update!