Question about using FusionHub with AWS

Hi all, couple questions that just came up as I’m messing with FusionHub more:

  • AWS prices based on bandwidth in and bandwidth out. If it’s running FusionHub, that would probably be the same I assume? Since if I’m a customer with a Balance device on prem and I download 1000GB of data in one month, that’s technically 1000GB going into AWS but then 1000GB going back out to the Balance on prem right? The cost calculator is saying $110 a month in usage because 1000GB into AWS is $90? The inbound bandwidth to AWS is very expensive compared to the ISPs in the area I checked with so wanted to check.

  • How do you determine what speed AWS supports? I can’t find anywhere that shows their bandwidth. So I have one customer wanting to bond a few 50Mbps DSL connections together to get 200Mbps, but then I have another with 500Mbps fibre wanting hot fail over to cable or DSL. The local ISP (3rd largest in the country) told me I can expect around 200Mbps using their VM platform but that 500Mbps is impossible. What do people do in these situations?

Hello psychobunny,

The pricing should be the same when running FusionHub as the data will still be going in and out of the data center. Most data going into the FusionHub instance should also be coming out, so you should be correct in your assumption of 1000GB in and 1000GB out.

AWS has a few speed options. I’ll look to see if I can find anything else, but I was able to find that the Intel 82599 Virtual Function (VF) interface is able to support up to 10 Gbps. It’s included int the C3, C4, D2, I2, R3 and M4 (excluding the m4.16xlarge) instances. Another option is the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA). The ENA supports up to 25 Gbps and is included in the C5, F1, G3, I3, P2, P3, R4, X1 and the m4.16xlarge instances.

The above information about network speeds is from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Documentation Guide:

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I also found this:

It seems to have most of the instance types listed with the Maximum Bandwidths.

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Great thanks so much, both documents say our website is down when I click them but I’ll try them after as they sound exactly like what I need. Appreciate it!