Question about High Latency bonding

Hello, I just came across your product, and it seems like the Balance 310 is a possible solution to my issue.

I am settings up a business providing internet based services from the Philippines to clients in Australia. This will involve a lot of VOIP traffic via concurrent SIP calls for a PBX, as well as video conferencing via Skype. Total incoming ISP links would be at most 20 Mbps, but probably half that.

Unfortunately, in this developing country, the major outbound undersea cables all go to the USA, and I have had a meeting with PLDT, the largest telco, who told me that most of my traffic will bounce from SE Asia to the east coast of the US, then back to the east coast of Australia, unless I pay US$800 a month for 2/2 Mbps dedicated circuit on a 12 month contract!

Even then, they only guarantee reliability and a low contention ratio, but not that I will receive a low latency connection to Singapore or Guam, and then onwards to Australia.

Speed tests of two of the three major ISPs have left me extremely underwhelmed, with latency results to Australia for PLDT never below 200ms, and also a lot of jitter and packet loss, due to lack of investment and high contention ratios. Another ISP (Bayantel) reported a ping of 397 ms to Melbourne and this was on their demo PC in their office.

The stupdity of the Philippines not investing in a big fat undersea cable to Singapore aside, it seems the Balance 310 is a possible alternative to a leased line for a reliable and scalable solution in our main office.

Two Questions:

Are there any business grade PBX solutions you would recommend that will work with the bonding feature? I am not really in a position where I can just devote all VoiP traffic to a specific WAN.

Secondly, if I had one DSL connection from each of these three unreliable ISPs, plus a 4G USB stick, will bonding at least modestly improve the quality of SIP calls and RTP, to smooth out the connectivity issues as the calls progress, picking the best route between them, or will the fact that none of these ISPs can provide a decent connection, mean that it would be a waste of money and I am better off with a Balance 30 for basic load balancing and fallback only?

Do I need to enable a VPN to achieve packet based load balancing / bonding, and can this be any VPN capable router or do I need a Balance 20 in the Australian branch office?

Also the website for your partner in the Philippines is dead. Are they still your partner, or is there someone else?


There are plenty business grade PBX solutions in the market and we do have customer using PBX over our SpeedFusion VPN.

Packet based load balancing / bonding is only achievable if both end are having our product as this is a proprietary technology. Only Balance 210 and above support SpeedFusion feature.

You may refer to our local partner, iSecure Networks for more information about our product.

Hi zan5hin,

I’m in the Philippines too, and a little further along on this path. I’m about to set up 210/310 here and at a matching one at a colo site in the US. This will defeat all the deficiencies in PI internet. Contact me here, if you want to talk about this more.

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