Question about bonding 4 10Mbps DSL

My customer would like to order 4 DSL connections that run at 10/1 max. We’re going to use FusionHub in a data centre to bond the 4 DSL connections together. From what I can see, it seems like it’s the most economical to get the Balance One Core, the licence to convert LAN 1-3 to WAN, and the licence for SpeedFusion, otherwise I think I’d need the Balance 580? Appreciate any feedback!

Hi, Yes this most certainly would be the most economical route to follow.
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Be careful how you set customer expectations on bonding DSL. As an unshielded copper based technology -where multiple circuits are frequently delivered to a customer premises on a single multi-core cable, there can be considerable RF interference between the circuits when in use that negatively impacts the use of all circuits at the same time (ie for bonding).

I would suggest that using cellular if possible as a way to increase bandwidth to the customer would be much more successful than bonding 4 x copper based DSL services.

If they can only get DSL, make sure they request ingress separation from the telecoms provider - preferably separate physically spaced cables for each service.

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