QoS seems not work

Dear all,

I just wonder the QoS is really work or not?

I have a Balance 210 with PepVPN and setup the QoS for the office staff.

I have add 2 IP address as DHCP reserver as Manager and the other as Staff and the bandwidth control as following screenshot, however, all of the staff still can get more than 1MB bandwidth to Internet.

Did you set the upload and download bandwidth values for each WAN connection individually in their settings?

Yes, we have only one 20M Broadband.

The Reservations and Bandwidth limits are only enforced when the links are saturated. No sense in slowing things down if there is no congestion/contention.

Do a download test from the manager device at the same time you are doing a download test from the Staff device. You should see the staff device get throttled, while the manager device should run at full speed.

This one threw me for a loop as well.

Hi jmjones,

Do you mean, if the “Manager” user not fully occupy the reserved bandwidth, then the “Staff” user bandwidth will not be control?

Then, how about the usage of “Individual Bandwidth Limit”? Can it using with “Group Bandwidth Reservation”?

When you entered the upload and download values in the WAN setup, you told the router how “big” the pipe is. Once your traffic reaches these limits (maybe a little before), that is when the bandwidth limit/reservations kick in.

Imagine an intersection without a traffic light. A traffic cop needs to direct traffic during the busy hours of 9-5. Since there is no traffic after 5 – there really isn’t a need for the traffic cop to be there – this is kind of the same principle.

As long as current throughput is less than total capacity - there is no need for “shaping” the traffic. As soon as current throughput is greater than total capacity - that is when these rules kick in.

My advice is to run concurrent speed tests across several devices and then see what results you get. Make sure to include at least one device from each group (manager and staff)

Hi jmjones,

I think we are talking about different kind of concept.

Your concept is flexible to maximize the bandwidth utilization but my concept is gurantee the bandwidth for some user by limiting the other user and don’t care about the bandwidth utilization.

On my case, I just want to gurantee the bandwidth for our VC and VoIP equipment at anytime and limiting the other’s bandwidth due to large amount user using bandwidth consuming application.