QoS in Balance 20

I need to ensure Call Quality for my network. My options are to set high priority across the board for VoIP or streaming audio/ video. VoIP can mean Premise Based VoIP so if I have a Hosted VoIP system I should set high priority for VoIP not streaming audio/video correct?

Prioritizing VoIP traffic should also give priority to the RTP stream generated from a SIP call. For most VoIP deployments it is not necessary to prioritize the audio video streaming associated with this.


That makes sense thanks. I have another question. On my balance 20 I need to set up DNS servers for our Windows DC which does DHCP & DNS. When I go to the DHCP menu in the LAN section for the VLAN I want to specify the DNS address on it will not let me unless I Enable DHCP which I dont want coming from the peplink. How do I set a LAN address as my DNS server for default VLAN 1?

The Windows DHCP server provides DNS to the clients so simply leave the DHCP server disabled in the Balance.


thankyou so much friend to make here