QoS Improvements

Hi there,

We would like to request some improvements to make QoS more usable in enterprise deployments.

-More levels of QoS as the current 3 levels (High/Normal/Low) are not enough for enterprise deployments with Citrix and VoIP traffic. A bare minimum would be 5 but 7 would be better.
1.Very High
3.Medium High
5.Medium Low
7.Very Low

-Global and per VPN tunnel QoS. I.E.:

  1. Globally - allow prioritisation of all traffic traversing the router including general web traffic and the encapsulated VPN tunnel(s).
  2. Per VPN - allow prioritisation traffic inside a VPN tunnel

-Allow the re-prioritisation of all other web traffic not identified by another QoS rule (i.e. default traffic).

-Ability to change shaping policy or at least documentation on how they are hardcoded would be nice to have.

I realise there are lot of requests here but I think they would be the type of settings that anyone running real-time traffic would like to see in big deployments. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to discuss my use cases.


It would be great to get some feedback on how/if Peplink is looking to improve QoS. Obviously the current deployment model is geared to your Home/SOHO market, however, your equipment is not priced to match. Is there any intention to increase functionality in this space for larger deployments?

Frankly categorising servers as a Manager, Staff or Guest for allocated bandwidth and traffic as High, Medium and Low is what I would expect for a router purchased for $50 at the computer shop down the road.

A client of ours requested more independent control as part of QoS as well.

We’d like to see bandwidth throttling and limitation per WAN port or SpeedFusion tunnel.

For example:

WAN 1 has 100/100.
WAN 2 has 50/20.
WAN 1, Group 1 gets 75, and Group 2 gets 25.
WAN 2, Group 1 gets 40, and Group 2 gets 10.