QoS, how do I create usergroups on a pepwave max br1

Hi Guys, I’m not as experienced with pepwave as the most of you. I have the following question:
I have a pepwave MAX BR1 on a boat to have a wifi connection. Everything works fine. But I want to reserve a little bit of fixed bandwidth for one specific ipad. I know I have to use QoS. But I’m not able to figure out where I can make the usergroups. Who is able to help me out here?

Greetz Jeroen

I’ve asked this before (via phone) and if I remember correctly, the MAX BR1 unfortunately doesn’t support QOS user groups.

I don’t see User Group as an QOS option in the BR1 as well.

Will this eventually become a supported functionality?

BTW… the 7.1.x User Manual does’t mention that this is unavailable for BR1.

User Groups require that the UL/DL speeds of the connection be defined and this is not possible with a cellular connection. Thanks


Thanks @Tim_S!!!

My original intent is really to limit a device’s bandwidth consumption that would hurt the more critical application/usage; I guess I can achieve this by setting priority based on the the IP address?