QoS Bandwith Limit Freezing

I have this problem where I enable Bandwidth Limit and after approximately 15mins, the internet speed gradually slows down and eventually the peplink freezes (becomes inaccessible). When I restart it goes back to normal then repeats the cycle. Here is my current setup:

Device: Peplink Balance 1350
Application: Internet Kiosk
No of Clients: 2,500 PCs
No of WAN lines: 12
Total Bandwidth: 45Mbps
Outbound Policy: Tried Auto and Weighted Balance

I updated my firmware to 5.4 a while ago and tested this again to make sure it wasn’t an old firmware problem but its still the same.

Can you please create support ticket via http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/?

And turn on Remote Assistance of your unit?

Hi Chung-lai,

I can do that, but can you assure that there will be no downtime on our network while you are remotely accessing our peplink? However, if you really need to, you can let me know and we can set a schedule for that. Thank you.

Don’t you worry, Rommel. We understand your box is in production. We will access and inspect the unit, and we will not interrupt your network without your permission. Let’e move to the support ticket for further collaboration.

Very well. I shall proceed to creating the support ticket. Thank you.

Hi, I’m wondering if you guys ever had the chance to inspect my peplink. I already created the support ticket several weeks back. I’m not sure if it went through since I did not get any feedback. I will create a new support ticket just in case. Thanks.

After a support ticket is created, an system generated reply should be sent to you with the ticket number. Mind to provide us the ticket number to check?

If you do not receive any reply from us, we would suggest you to log the support ticket again.

Its really strange. I have created 3 tickets already and I still haven’t received any ticket number yet.

I have created the ticket directly for this case. I would like to see if you have received my email or not.

Got your email. I’ll patiently wait for results and/or further instructions. Thank you.