Publicly available VPN Providers offering SpeedFusion support


Are there publicly available VPN Providers that offer SpeedFusion support? Goal os to combine 2 unreliable ISP’s into one reliable connection and aggregate bandwidth.


Yes. Where are you geographically?


Hi Martin,

In Los Angeles, CA.

Mark Thomas



Excellent - Thank You.

Is an alternative to host a Fusionhub virtual appliance in a cloud hosting service? Does this accomplish the same goal? Is it less costly in general?


You can of course host your own Fusionhub in the Cloud - lots of people do and have done this. You will have the initial capex cost of the FusionHub Essential License (5 peers max 100Mbps throughput) and then the OPEX of the monthly hosting/bandwidth fees. .

Opex costs vary tremendously depending on the hosting provider. Anywhere from $10 - $150+/month depending on VM size and hosting provider / environment / bandwidth usage.

You can download a free 14day trial of Fusionhub to give it a go yourself on your chosen hosting provider.