Public Wifi Portal Login

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if its possible to setup my Surf SOHO MK3 as a repeater on a RV Campground wifi network that requires you to sign into a portal page. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

The following is very much a hack, but it does work for some authenticated wifi. It requires you have a laptop that allows you to change the MAC address.

First, change the MAC address on the laptop to be the Mac of the Peplink wifi wan interface. Sign into the network. Turn off the wifi on the laptop, turn on the Peplink and connect it. Revert the MAC address and forget the wifi network with the authentication. Join your laptop to your own LAN.

I have done this with my Xbox at many a hotel. The trick is to never have both the laptop and router connected to their wifi at the same time. Keep a ping going out to the internet to keep all of your connectivity alive (no idle disconnects)

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I think the RV Campground might be MAC Filtering all PepLink MAC Addresses to combat people from doing what I’m trying to do. lol. Do you know if there’s anyway to change the MAC of the WiFi WAN? I know you can change the MAC of the WAN but don’t see a spot for the WiFi WAN.

Did you ever figure out where to clone/edit the WiFi MAC address? Thanks!

Yeah wish there was a way for it to pass that authentication page through to accept then you could run this anywhere.