Public IP to Clients using FusionHub

I have successfully setup a FusionHub VM and established a tunnel to my Max Transit Cat 18 device. How can I push a public IP to a client?


Where is your FusionHub hosted? Does it have a public IP on wan or ptivate.? Can you add another public IP from the hosting environment?

Thanks for the reply

TransitCat18 WAN is not being used only Cellular
Cellular has a private IP from AT&T
FusionHub has a Public IP
I suppose I could add another from Vultr if they allow that.

Most of us make use of the public IP at Vultr using port forwarding and outbound policy. For example… if I want my Xbox to use the public IP at Vultr for port 3074…

First I write an outbound policy on the Max Transit sending traffic sourced from the Xbox down the tunnel. That makes it appear on the internet as if it’s coming from the public IP at Vultr.

Then I write a port forward at the FusionHub at Vultr for port 3074 and tell it to send that traffic to the internal IP address of my Xbox.

Then I write an inbound rule in the firewall of the FusionHub to allow all sources to talk to my Xbox IP on port 3074

Lastly I go to the internal network firewall of my Max Transit and tell it to allow traffic destined for my Xbox (this last step is on by default I think].

So by directing the flow outward and inward through Vultr you can make use of the public IP address. I can send screenshots if that would help. is a useful website to check how the internet sees you.

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Thanks for the thorough response. :slight_smile:

This is something I can definitely try out. Would love your screen shots :-).

Thank You!

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