Products that support mass usage


I organize many events throughout Canada and would like to incorporate WiFi into them. I was hoping to get some suggestions on which product might be able to suit me best. The Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT has peeked my interest as you can use a sim card to create mobile hot spots. My only concerns with it lie with the range it broadcasts and the amount of users that can be connected at once. I have gathered the specifications that will be required of a product:

  •    WiFi use will be for small downloads (e.g pictures and documents), It will also be used for web surfing.
  •    Events range from

o small 50 – 150 people connected at once
o Large 250 – 500 people connected at once

  •    Needs to be portable (all places will have power)
  •    Event places will include indoors and outdoor events (shelter will always be available for electronics)
  •    Radius of WiFi range needs to be

o Small events : 30ft x 30ft
o Large events: 60ft x 80ft

  •    Want to be able to create a firewall that only allows a few websites to be accessed when using WiFi. (if possible not required)

With these specifications would the Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT work if multiple were used along with WiFi repeaters? Or would another product better suit my needs considering the specifications.
Thank you!


Hello DryTac,

The BR1 ENT may work for the smaller events as it’s recommended user count is 25 - 150 devices. Our MAX products information sheets can be found here on the Peplink site. You may want to look at the HD4 in the multi-cellular devices section.

I would recommend contacting a Peplink Certified Partner. They will be able to work with you closely to help find the solution that works best for you.


Thankyou for the help!!