Product request client list to sessions


On the Balance series, its very common that I look at the Client List to see activity. Also common from there that I go to Sessions to see who that device is talking to. It would be nice if I could stay on the Client List, and hover or click to see a pop up of sessions that device is communicating with. The Session page already has the feature where you hover and see the country of the outside IP, that would need to follow. Easiest implementation would be if you clicked on the Client List, which opened a new tab of the Session page aleady populated to search for that device.


I move this to Feature Request for the team to take consideration.


However it is done, I too would like some type of shortcut to go from the list of clients to see all the active sessions for just one specific client.


Status > Active Sessions > Search
IP/Subnet box enter the LAN address of the client you want to monitor.

My original request above was to get this same information from the Status > Client List page via hovering over the client list entry.


Mis-understanding. I am aware of how to see active sessions for a single router client. My point (poorly made) was that it was too many steps and having the information available directly from the list of attached clients would be helpful. Be it hovering, as you prefer, or a checkbox or whatever.