Product Development Question - GB throughput routers


For years our go-to router in residential & small business has been the Balance 20 & 30. We are seeing the rollout of GB download speeds in our area - it’s a great to have, if, your router can pass GB out to the network. We’ve recently had to remove the Balance 20’s from 2 deployments, as they cap out close to 200mb throughput. The router creates the bottleneck. Unfortunately the current lineup of Peplink routers does not handle GB throughput until you move up into the 300 series & higher.
The question is - Is Peplink coming to market with a Router for Small Business & Residential that can handle what is quickly becoming the ‘norm’ here, 1 GB ? This vertical won’t move up to $2,000 routers, especially when most of the dreck being sold at retail CAN handle it (Linksys,Netgear,Luxul, Pakedge, etc…)
Anyone else experiencing this?


The Balance ONE (and CORE) support up to 600Mbps through put (reduced to 400Mbps if you use 5 WAN)
We have a few 1Gbps/200Mbps link running through Balance ONE Cores for three years now. Doesn’t miss a beat!


Appreciate the quick response & suggestion! The recognition that a 600mbps throughput is a firehose and is meaningful to to us (network professionals), however to the layperson who is stoked to subscribe to GB service and is shown that speed by the ISP who installs it - then has the network professional place his router less than a foot away and now sees a 40% drop off. That’s what we’ve got to overcome, meeting his/her expectation that the network professional can distribute that GB without an immediate 40% loss. I am open to hear more feedback.


@Steve_Rosenthal I hear you!
Something like a Balance ONE PLUS or Balance ONE CORE PLUS that could handle maybe 50% more throughput.
In the past, Peplink have increased the throughput of devices when they release a new hardware revision so this could also be in the pipeline.