Product advice for video live streaming

Hello together,

I will realize a video live stream with 4G/LTE connections.
Which device from peplinke is the best solution for me?
For Germany I have TMobile and Vodafon SIM cards.

In the most use cases i have the option to place the system outside, but i moved with the system in the citys.

Thanks a lot!

Greetings from germany,

Hello Ralph

Could you further elaborate your requirement?

For example

  1. How are you going to use the unit ?

    • Are you going to use by hand carry around?
    • Or you will mount the unit somewhere near you during the live streaming?
  • Does this mean you require water proof whenever you use it outdoor?


  • Does this mean you will use the unit while is on the moves?

Thank you
Chun Fatt


thanks for the fast response!

  1. Normally we build a litte live streaming regie in a room or on a vehicle. So we can place the device in a rack or on top of some other equipment.
  2. When i can place the system outside, we have a roof. So waterproof is not required, but an interesting option.
  3. On this use case we are on a city river with a ship.

In the most situations we need a upload with 2-4 Mbits. In this situations we have no other internet connections available.

I hope my answer will suffice.


Hi Ralph

Thanks for your feedback, here is the 2 models which will fit your requirement.

Max HD 2
MAX HD 2 mini

Would like to clarify with you on the connection between your streaming device to the Max router, is the connection depended on ethernet or WiFi connection? If ethernet, both models (HD 2 & HD2 mini) can cater for your need, if through WiFi connection, (MAX HD2) will be the model for you.

Please refer MAX routers Model Comparison for details specification

Thank you
Chun Fatt