Procedure to update firmware in a very old Balance 20L and Balance 30 (Out of warranty)


Few years ago I bought 2 Peplinks Balance, a Balance 20L and Balance 30. Both are out of waranty and with very old firmware.

Peplink Balance 30
Firmware: v4.8.1 build 1106
Serial Number: 1824-347E-940E

Peplink Balance 20L
Firmware: v4.8.1 build 1027
Serial Number: 1824-39F3-11D6

I want know if is posibble update firmware in both equipments and the procedure to do that.



You need to purchase a warranty to be able to apply the latest firmware. I’m not sure if you’d be able to go to the latest builds with those older models.

Hi Petrucci,

Both of your Balance router were EOL. Please consider to refresh your hardware intead of firmware upgrade.