Problem with routing traffic through PEPlink

setup.pdf (93.4 KB)Hi

My customer has a peplink setup connecting his offices abroad to their HQ.
The PEPlink is behind a firewall in this setup!
The suctomer now wants to connect some remote sites by Site 2 Site VPN to this Firewall, wich is no problem.
We have routed traffic through the firewall before to mobile VPN users. But now the traffic stops at the PEPlink.

The PEPlink is in drop-in mode

I have added the subnet with a static route pointing to the Firewall and i have added the Subnet IP’s to the list of hosts on the WAN side, witch was done for the mobile VPN.

But when i try to ping the VPN subnet from the PEPlink the packet does not reach the Firewall and i cant seem to find where the traffic disapeares to.

Can somebody here help me??

Regards Jens W

Hi Jens,

Where is the Peplink located, in HQ or remote sites?

Could you share your network diagram of the setup? So we could have better understanding to assist you. Or you may open a support ticket here.

Thanks and regards.

Is the setp.pdf not attached to the post?
I am new to this site but my above post says that setup.pdf is attached

Hi Jens,

The setup.pdf appear as an URL, it looks little bit confuse when joined to the message content. I got it now.

For Peplink Drop-in mode implementation, you can refer to this (Peplink | Pepwave - Forum) for more information.

Another point, where is the Mobile VPN users located? Where/which is the termination point for these Mobile VPN?

Thanks and regards.