Problem with PepVPN with 2 x balance 50's

I am currently trying to configure the PepVPN with 2 x balance 50’s we have in separate offices, I configure what I believe to be correct but I guess I am doing something wrong as the status always remains at “Starting”.

On one site, we have 5 WAN’s, one is a Fixed IP Vodafone adsl connection, this is the main office
On the other (test) site, I have only 1 WAN currently, this however is DHCP with movistar.

Via InControl, I can see both devices as online with their respective WAN’s, when I check the PepVPN / Speedfusion tab, it shows only the Balance 50 in the main office on the fixed IP, the 2nd device does not show in the list?

Balance firmware: 6.2.0 build 2895
PepVPN Version : 4.0.0

Any info would be greatly appreciated as I must be configuring them incorrectly.



I would create a support ticket for the technical team to take a closer look.

Otherwise you will just need to define one end’s (1) static public IP or host name
(2) Define remote ID/Pre shared Key.

Also, ensure the LAN networks are unique and not on the default network on both ends.

For further setup instructions:

Thanks Jarid,
I will read that again and double check what I have configured, failing that, I will log a ticket.