Problem with Firmware on Max Transit Duo

We have a Pepwave Max Transit Duo. When I go to Tools and see the information about Firmware and I click on “Check for Updates,” it says there are no new updates. However, there is also a message that says, “Firmware pack is deprecated and support will be removed in a future release.” The pack ID is 1171. Release date 02/17/20.

This was somewhat concerning since this is a fairly recent purchase. I did a search online for firmware updates and it showed there was a release (Update 8.1.3) on 06/30/21 that listed the Max Transit Duo as one of the supported devices. I downloaded that release and manually installed it. It gave me the error, “Invalid Firmware Pack.”

Is there a more recent release that will work? I certainly hope this device will have future firmware updates.

Thanks, Mary Beth

Hi Mary Beth. I think you might be in the “wrong place” to do a FW upgrade. Here’s where you want to end up …

Go to System → Firmware → Firmware Upgrade.

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Thank you. I’m so relieved. (I wonder why there is Firmware information under Tools.)