Problem to get dynamic ip in ethernet port

i use AP One rugged i would like to connect one server to Ethernet port with reserve Ip on dhcp configuration on this device, my problem is :
the wifi ap worked fine with dhcp configure but i can’t get any ip on Ethernet port !
How can i configure Ethernet to get ip from dhcp configure and all wifi device could access to this server?

Any help appreciated!

Did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the same problem.

dlt_lpd, if I understand the original post, the question is why the AP One does not issue DHCP addresses on the second ethernet port. Is that your issue?

The AP One is an access point, not a router on the wired ethernet side. It can issue DHCP to wifi clients if the AP is in router mode. The ethernet ports are used to bring the network to the AP, not as a router on the wired side. The second ethernet port is used to daisy chain to another wired device (which could be another AP or anything else). If there is another DHCP server on the wired ethernet side, those DHCP requests will flow from one wired port to the other, but they are not issued by the AP One itself.

Sounds like you don’t have a DHCP server on your wired LAN?

My bad. I posted on the wrong thread. I have a Surf SOHO MK3. It should issue IP’s (DHCP) on the four wired ports, but I cannot seem to make it do it.

Do you have the correct port settings defined for your SOHO device ?

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They are set to Enabled with Auto speed. I do not see any further settings for the ports.

Firmware 7.1.1

Are you mean having VLANs and providing DHCP IP for LAN client ? If yes, you need to make sure the correct LAN ports settings is defined.

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I do not have any VLAN defined. Is one required?

Peplink Team

    November 8

four wired ports,

Are you mean having VLANs and providing DHCP IP for LAN client ? If yes, you need to make sure the correct LAN ports settings is defined.

It’s ok without the VLANs defined.

So your issue is that you cannot get the DHCP IP for the client device connected to the LAN ports?

  1. What is the LED status when you connect the client PC to the LAN ports ?
  2. If you configure manual IP address, do you able to get connected ?
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on the router port, only yellow is on. I assigned an ip for my laptop’s ethernet on the same network. Still no connection.

Hey. I found the problem. Port #4 on the router is not working. Plugging into any other port, the router issues an ip.


Please submit a support ticket for support team to check. If device having activate warranty then you should able to get a hardware replacement for this.

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Will do. Thanks for your help.

I returned my SOHO MK3, after a few months of trouble, and problems not getting better in the dhcp and routing, I gave up. went back to old Linksys. will find another failover or mulithome wireless router.

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