Problem: custom SSL certificate using encrypted key with long passphrase


I have a Balance One on firmware 6.3.1 build 2256 (just upgraded this morning,) and I went to install a custom SSL certificate for the Admin Web interface. I pasted in the certificate and encrypted key with its long (20+ character) passphrase (with special characters) and experienced two problems:

  1. Clicking Apply did nothing: it just took me back to the window where I paste the key and cert (so it didn’t accept the encrypted one)
  2. After replacing the key with an unencrypted version, the CPU load was pinned at 100%. Jason in PepLink support said that three admin CGI processes were causing it. (After he killed them, it returned to normal.) I suspect those came from something going wrong trying to decrypt the key. (I did try using the incorrect passphrase a couple times just to see if I got a different error and I did.)

So it’s probably worth looking at this possible bug for the next firmware release.

Please open ticket for us to investigate further.

Thank you.