Private/ Public

My 580 died, so while waiting to replace I popped in an available Balance 20 and configured same DHCP and network. So far so good.

But, I cannot RDP in to my in LAN servers and we have a client/server app that cannot connect. Although I can ping and network into them

On my computer, my network changed fro private to public, which is what I suspect has happened on the server…Any ideas

When Windows detected the network change how did it decide it was a public network instead of a private one?

I suspect windows considers a network location to be new when the MAC address of the gateway changes. If the server has its network location set as public then the inbuilt firewall could be blocking your traffic.

There is a guide here for changing the network location from public to private on W2K12R2


Thanks Martin, That is exactly what happened, but it was another Peplink router that I swapped with. Why did all my devices decide this was a public ip?

Its not a public IP, the windows devices identify all new networks as a public network location until you specifically say they are private - its a security feature. I would guess that they identify a new network as being one where the gateway device physically changes.

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