I have set up a HD4. I have all the cards working and registered. I was wondering do I need to leave all cards in Priority 1 and it pool from all for or do I need to move some around. For example, move to cards to priority 2 or spread them even more apart?


If you want to load balance between your connections leave them all in priority 1.

If you want to use certain ones for back-up move them to priority 2,3 etc. They will be put to Stand-by mode and will only be used should the connections above it become unavailable.

Thanks Jarid, when you say becomes unavailable. Is that as if the card goes completely down? or if more than one person gets online it will take priority 2 out of standby?

Thanks for your help

Hi Keith,

Just take example below.

Cellular1 = Priority 1
Cellular2 = Priority 1
Cellular3 = Priority 2
Cellular4 = Priority 3

If Cellular 1 and 2 are down (failed WAN HealthCheck), user traffic will be redirected to Cellular3. If Cellular1 was recovered, user traffic will be redirected back to Cellular1.

Hope this help.