Priority connections on WAN1 slow when Wan2 is slow

I have a balance 20 and I have a lot of sites that are set to PRIORITY wan 2. Then all other traffic will go to WAN1.

However, when WAN 1 goes slow, it affects the website that are set to WAN2. If I disable WAN1 all together, then everything goes to WAN2 and things are fast again.

Any thoughts?


Would you be able to provide a screenshot of all of your outbound policy rules?

I am attaching it since it is pretty long and does not fit on one page.

Lime ADSL is WAN 1.
Digicel DIA is WAN 2.

Hi Colin,

  1. What firmware version you are using? If you are not using v6.2.2, please download here.

  2. Client DNS server = B20 LAN IP?