Priority algorithm not working as expected

I have a fully patched Peplink Balance One Core hooked up to Starlink on WAN1 and a WISP on WAN2.
Most of my traffic is configured as Priority to WAN1 with WAN2 being secondary. But when I look at the traffic usage I see that everything is going on WAN2.

Does priority not work the way I think or is there a reason that the peplink has decided to ignore what I’m asking it to do?

Post a screenshot of your outbound policy. Its kinda hard to give advice without more to go off of.

Which device is the source of the traffic in question? Any idea?

SpeedFusion profiles will use all available connections by default.

Looking at these rules only “livingroom” is following a common wan priority ordering scheme.

Work2, Flip3, S22+ and Work1 using SFC-SJC (assuming default SFC profile settings) would use all available wans.

Be sure to set the wan priority also within the SFC-SJC profile.

I would also delete the https persistence rule and configure the default rule as custom and set the preferred priority. Rouge devices not matching any of the rules you setup may be hitting the default rules. No reason to leave those defaults.