Printer problems


I have a static route defined by the router for the printer so that it keeps the same IP address for Windows printing. The static route is defined in the router and the printer lets the dhcp do the rest so no conflicts there.

What is a Layer 2 environment?
The only device connected to my router with a wire is my cable modem, everything else (3 iPads and 2 Windows laptops and the printer) are connected via wifi.



I suggest opening ticket for us to take a closer look.

Thank you.


just incase anyone comes here for a solution, after testing several things with Erik @peplink support, he found a solution that work for me

Enabling IPv6 in the browser interface to the printer;
Go to http://your.printer’s.IP.address/net/wireless/ipv6.html

i have no issue with AirPrint since, big thank you to Erik.