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Is it possible to have a printer on my LAN side of my network and have multiple VLANs access it. I can enable inter VLAN routing but that opens up all devices on my LAN to the VLAN’s, which I want to avoid. I am using a peplink balance one.

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Hello @danwillis,
You may like to look at this previous thread, there are also many other examples here in the forum, just search on the topics of VLAN and Firewall.

The Peplink community works with a lot Balance ONE routers and with the higher end Balance routers (pluss the other gateways that Peplink make like MAX series). Enabling inter VLAN routing and setting up IP firewalls between the VLANs is the best way with Peplink, you will find the way Peplink do this better than the traditional routing tables (took us a while to come round to this way, though happy we have).

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Balance 20, failover Wan to one subnet only?
Printer SNMP through VLANs?


I need a little more help. How would I put the rule in?

My LAN is

My printer IP is

I want to open up just the printer to VLAN10 nothing else. Im not that great with firewall rules.



Hello @danwillis,
You can certainly get it working and others with only basic skills have been able to do this before you, it is just a matter of going one step at a time?

Also where are you based, the community here has local Peplink Partners all around the world, your local Peplink Partner may be able help too, myself I’m based in Australia.

Have a look through this five step guide.

That is it, just remember to select "Apply Changes"
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