Primecare status in IC2 API urgently needed!

We use the IC2 API to manage our devices from our own platform. We can see warrantee status but not primecare status. This is urgently needed so we can display these statuses.
Would also like to be able to set auto-renew/billing info via API, but status display truly urgent.

We need same on our private virtual ICA. For now we can only “guess” if licence has been activated by looking at the maximum number of pepvpn peers allowed on device. A Primecare expiration date visible to admins/API would be fine.

The field has already been available in InControl 2.8.6. The field “prime_expiry_date” is available in the device details API calls. The PrimeCare expiry date is also displayed on the device details page. If you don’t see it, please DM me the s/n.

However, the field is not yet available on ICA. Warranty, subscription, and PrimeCare expiry dates shall be displayed in ICA 2.9.0. At the moment, you can add the s/n’s to IC2 and check their PrimeCare expiry date on the device details screens.

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It is available in IC2 itself, but I do not see it in the API response.

Please DM me the s/n and let me check for you.