Primecare generated FusionHub license

How does a FusionHub tied to PrimeCare(Max Transit) work? When I request the licenses in InControl it gives me a 1 year expiration. I’ve already renewed my PrimeCare (Max Transit) for the year, but I’m getting emails saying my FusionHub will expire in 10 more days… I’m assuming since my PrimeCare is up to date, that I can safely ignore these renewal reminders for the FusionHub and nothing bad will happen… is that a safe assumption? Or do I need to click a button somewhere in IC2?

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It’s your 1 year free FH license that is expiring, not your PrimeCare device.

The deal with PrimeCare devices and FH, is that the PrimeCare devices do not technically take a SF peer slot. (ie: if your FH has a 2 peer SF limit which you already have linked to 2 Balance routers, but you want to add another device to that same FH, you technically could add the PrimeCare device and it would allow the extra device because of the way they have it setup.) Package to Build SpeedFusion Networks - PrimeCare - Peplink - read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

I don’t believe there is an easy way to just switch the license out on the current FH, but I could be wrong. Do a backup of the config, delete current FH, redeploy a new FH with your new license, and then do a config restore. Which also means you may need to switch settings on your other devices to correspond to the new SN of the FH.


@Cable17 is correct. FusionHub still works with your MAX Transit (I mean the SpeedFusion connection) even its license is expired. But you will not able to manage the FusionHub from InControl2.


To manage this Fusionhub (solo, essential, pro) in InControl go for ICS-012 to extend IC2-Subscription. or ask your Peplink Partner.

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