Primary Cable WAN goes down every few days


Every couple days or so my primary WAN on the Balance 305 which is cable goes down and LTE on WAN2 comes on. The weird thing though is the cable modem doesn’t show or indicate any sort of problem, and to get it to come back up, all I have to do is press disconnect on WAN1 in the admin panel and then enable it again, and it immediately comes back online. This makes me think it’s not an issue with our ISP as I don’t need to reboot the cable modem at all, and when it does go down, it stays down permanently, until I either reboot the Balance 305, or do the disconnect and reconnect on it, or unplug the WAN1 ethernet and plug it back in. The logs just show WAN1 is offline, but wondering if there’s anything else I can try checking. I’ve done a factory reset on the Balance but it has been doing this for over 6 months. Our ISP says nothing indicates any issues with the connection on their end so not sure what else I can check. May remove the Balance and use something else to troubleshoot but kind of a pain.

What do the logs say? Show screenshot. What health check is set on the WAN?
When its happened, navigate to the support page and see if the WAN has negotiated a link or not:


I have had that same issue with my Balance 380. Did this solve the issue?