Press Release: Costain Group Deploys Peplink Bonded Cellular Connectivity

Similar to Osborne Construction’s deployment - Peplink’s SpeedFusion Unbreakable Cellular Bonding technology is deployed across multiple sites within days. For Costain Group, SpeedFusion also fulfills their requirement by allowing each site to securely connect to their core as one single network.

Here’s the full press release:

UK, 7[SUP]th[/SUP] July 2015 -Costain the £1Bn engineering services group are continually looking for innovations to enhance delivery of its 200 ongoing national infrastructure projects. With 30 Projects mobilising at any one time, the company wanted to improve connectivity for their project teams from day one on site.

Historically project mobilisations have used rapid setup connectivity via cellular services but without a firewall based final-leg to connect domain users back to the core network. Working in partnership with Onwave’s technical architects, an innovative solution was designed to build “a last hop stage” to connect core systems to each site. This “always on” link to the Group’s core MPLS allows end users to be properly supported as well as having access to all internal enterprise systems, and more importantly, a connection to Costain’s active directory servers.

The foundations of the service are built on Peplink’s bonded router technology that binds multiple cellular connections to form a secure tunnel back to Onwave’s main data centre. From there all incoming traffic from remote sites is aggregated into a single optimised link and routed through to the Costain’s core MPLS network via a robust site to site VPN IPSEC tunnel.
The solution is professionally delivered and supported by Onwave’s proactive operations team all within a maximum 5 day lead time from point of order.

“Using Onwave has helped us to meet the requirements of rapidly deploying IT connectivity to our projects. This solution ensures our employees can be properly supported as well as allowing access to Costain’s internal network resources. Our joint venture partners and subcontractors also benefit by having access to high speed internet access on day-one of landing on site. We have around 40 sites connected using the service consuming on average two terabytes of data per month.” says Nick Capsticks, Group IT Mobilisation Manager for Costain’s Business Systems Group.

About Peplink
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