Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Are Peplink Devices supporting the Precision Time Protocol ( PTP )?

As some of our clients are in the Media/Production industry we have had the request regarding Peplink working as a PTP Server. Since in some Devices there is a cellular Module included, they could be working as a PTPv2 Master.


+1 for this feature. NTP and PTP would be verry helpful.


Yes, agreed, although I’m not so sure about the “microsecond range.” A search of the forum will reveal a number of requests for the GPS-enabled devices to serve as time servers. These requests go back to at least 2012. See, for example, Having unit be an NTP time server would be helpful . Should not be horrible to implement since the GPS engine is already present.



+1 for Precision Time Protocol PTP for the Peplink Switches.

We have a client how is requesting Switches with IEEE 1588 Compatible as his network will be required to run AV equipment, and they need it to have the PTP (Precision Time Protocol) and PTP v2 protocol enabled.

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+1 for PTP Support in the switches please.

For the same reasons outlined above we have clients that have this as a hard requirement in anything we provide where support for AES67 is mandatory (mostly to support the use of DECT based comms systems such as Riedel Bolero, or Clearcom Edge).

I appreciate how well this could be implemented will likely depend on the underlying hardware capabilities of the switches in question, but ideally we need full PTP support - to be clear what I mean by that we would need end-to-end, point-to-point and ideally boundary mode to make this a viable usable product for us in these deployments.

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Hi Team,

Any updates on this? We can not sell switches into the AV market without this. Netgear AV Switches and Luminex switches are wiping the floor with their support of this protocol. Even Meta are highlighting it’s importance in the future of Social Media: PTP: Timing accuracy and precision for the future of computing

This request was first made in 2019, I really hope this is not stuck on a road map…

Another bump from me also, it would be much welcome to hear from someone at Peplink on whether implementing PTP in the existing line of SD switches is possible or whether it would not be possible due to hardware limitations?

We know from public posts that Peplink are also working on some new models of switches with a focus on adding more higher speed interfaces and some other features, would it be possible to know whether the underlying hardware planned for these would be able to support PTP too?

As others have mentioned the lack of PTP support makes it harder for us to use and sell Peplink into certain situations where there are a broad range of other options available at all price points from the budget end of the spectrum (e…g Netgear AV, Cisco SG) up to the higher end of things (e.g. Luminex, Cisco Catalyst).

I think Peplink would offer a strong option here particularly where we have customers that love using the Balance products in their networks and having the switching under the same management via Ic2 would be a huge selling point, along with what are typically very good specs for the money when you compare the hardware capabilities of the 24/48 port SD switches (full POE budget, lots of internal redundancy for PSUs) to similarly priced offers from other vendors.

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Dear Rick,

Although GPS engine is present on the Peplink device but for having PTP protocol it’s not that much easy as this is a professional service and in the market there are dedicated professional devices which do this. the example is Microsemi S600 and such devices are kind of expensive. they use security-hardened NTP Reflector™ technology for doing this.