PPTP Setup Peplink 380

I enabled the PPTP service on Peplink 380 using the built in authentication. From a PC I can get a connection and log in to the remote network. So far so good.

Problem is I have no access to network resources unless I change the default firewall rule Allow All. Peplink documentation does not go into much detail regarding this so I don’t know if there is some rule that needs to be in place for the PPTP service to work.

Any suggestions?


Hello Bill,

I believe you need to create an inbound firewall rule for the PPTP users. Use your internal network as the source. The destination depends on if you want the users to browse the internet

while connected to your network or not. If you want them to stay only on your network while connected (more secure), then have a destination of only your internal network. If you want them to browse the internet while connected to your network, set the destination as “Any”.

This should take care of it for you Bill.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team


I know this post is past several years already but, I have a somewhat similar problem. With the recent firmware, 6.3.2 build 3525, inbound firewall rules is already available and can accomplished the problem above. What differs in my scenario is, I wish to have the PPTP and L2TP with IPsec users to be routed to the static route I set up in the LAN. So, this will not only allow those users to access the LAN side of the PepLink but can also allow the users access the network behind a router connected to the LAN side of the PepLink. Is this possible? And how?

Using: Peplink 380 HWv5 and firmware v6.3.2 build 3525.

Many thanks!

Believe this is reffering to the thread here. I have provided the feedback there.