PPTP Server Throughput

I have two different Balance 580’s listed below in two separate data centers. I have them setup with the PPTP server option enabled for remote client access to the LAN. Everything works correctly however I am seeing a huge reduction in bandwidth over the VPN. I only see the reduction in the PPTP clients not the PEPVPN connections.

For example one 580 has a 50x50 fiber connection and the other has a 100x100 fiber connection. I get great speeds across the PEPVPN connections but any client (Windows 7 VPN client, Apple IOS, etc.) can only get a max of about 1.5 x 1.5 when testing the speed. The clients’ connections are around 25 x 5 on average.

So my question is – does the 580 have a limit on the speed of the PPTP server?

Here is the information on model and firmware in use.

Model: Peplink Balance 580
Firmware: 6.1.2 build 3071
This is a test / backup unit with no load

Model: Peplink Balance 580
Firmware: 6.1.0 build 2863
This is a production unit with ~ 10% load on average

Thanks in advance for any information,

Hi Brandon,

PPTP connection still depending on the available bandwidth on user end. For example:-

User (1.5M/1.5M) <–PPTP–> (50M/50M) HQ (50M/50M) <–> Internet

The bottleneck still at user end even connection via PPTP.

Hope this help.

Thanks for the quick reply. I agree that it should be limited by the clients bandwidth but what I seem to be experiencing is about an 80 - 90 percent reduction in the clients speed when connected to the Peplink router through VPN. I would expect some reduction in speed due to the encryption but I would have thought it would be much less than 80 - 90 percent.

To further clarify my original post the clients were seeing about 1.5 x 1.5 when connected to the PPTP Server over a 25 x 5 connection.

Hi Brandon,

Can you share the bandwidth at client side?