Power saving on Max BR1 Mini



We’re looking for a way to save power on the Pepwave Max BR1 Mini either by turning off WAN and only turning on for batch data upload, or to put the device in a standby state (maybe with radios off?) until we wake it up (via software). As the units are deployed in areas where there isn’t any human intervention, we’d like to programmatically implement this through a local computer that’s hooked up to the Pepwave over ethernet (on its local interface).

On the Pepwave Max product page, there’s a reference to a “Command Line Interface,” but no supporting documentation. Is a CLI available for this product? This seems like the most promising solution, but also would like to hear about what other options you all think might work. We would like to avoid using InControl2 through the Cloud and do this local to the devices, unless there is a simple setting in InControl2 that allows for disabling WAN periodically or on a schedule.



Do you think scheduled the WAN on/off for specific time will meet your requirement? If so, you may do it at System > Schedule.

Then associate the scheduled profile with the WAN.


We will give that a try and see if it meets our needs, thank you!

In the meantime, does anyone know about the Command Line Interface I mentioned in my original post?


Please find the link below.