Power plug for different country?

I’d like to get the US outlet plug for the power adapter for the Surf Soho. Is this something generic I can simply buy online to swap in?

Country adapters have been unreliable for me so would prefer to have the correct native plug.

Sure. The “original” item is generally available from NA partners. However you may be able to find a “suitable substitute” from the various well known on-line sources. You should be aware, however, that such power supplies vary widely in quality. Ensure that the output is 12VDC at not less than 2A and that the male plug fits the power jack securely.

In general, the type of “wall wart” that has the designed-in, built-in adapter is fine.

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To clarify, I just need the snap in plug piece, not the full power brick. Is just that piece available through Pepwave or someone else?

Oh. I see. Frankly, I’d be surprised if you were able to find that part and have confidence it would fit the OEM wall wart. But let’s defer to the greater minds at Peplink … or maybe someone someone has such a part that’s not needed and would be willing to send it to you.

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Be warned, there are a few different versions of that snap in piece!
I would recommend you contact a local partner and see if you can get the correct part from them.

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