Possible WPA3 WiFi was WAN bug? (12 hour disconnect)

I just resolved an odd problem with WiFi as a WAN. When using WPA3 between the source (Verizon Askey Home Internet Router) and destination (Max Transit Cat 18)… I would get a 4 second disconnect at the DHCP Renew Interval - DHCP was set to 24 hours, so at 12 hours it would consistently and predictably disconnect and immediately reconnect. I changed the authentication at both source and destination to WPA2 and the problem is finally resolved. It took a few days of trying things like static IP which did NOT fix the issue… I had to change to WPA2 instead of WPA3 and it is now resolved. Anyone else seen this or something like this related to WPA3 authentication on Wifi as WAN?

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@C_Metz, we did a quick test in our lab but didn’t see the symptom you described, would you mind submitting a ticket for the team to take a closer look at it?