Possible to transfer active InControl2 subscription to another Pepwave?


I’ve had more than a dozen Pepwave MAX BR1 units drop out of service with No Device Detected errors.

(Techs got in and laboriously fixed some through some software hack they wouldn’t explain. But then several failed again, so I gave up on repairs. Now through attrition I’m replacing these older units with Minis, on which I’ve had none of these NDD failures. But that’s another story.)

I now have dead units with useless paid-for Incontrol2 subscriptions, as subscriptions expire on other functional units. Can I delete a dead unit and transfer its active InControl2 subscription to another Pepwave MAX to get my money’s worth?


@jamesirving, go ahead and send me the SN’s of these devices and I will take a look - timatpeplinkdotcom

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