Possible to swap a Telit LE910-NAV2 with a Sierra Wireless MC4711 in a BR1 Mini?


I own a BR1 Mini HW1 with a Telit LE910NAV2 modem that is currently installed in my RV and works great.

I also own a Sierra MC4711 that is currently in a USB enclosure.

The MC4711 supports B71 and I have noticed that my phone uses B71 a lot outside of the cities when the RV loses the connection.

There are Peplink products that support external modems (USB) or modules. The router software points to a list of modems that Peplink supports. There is also a BR1 Mini with a MC7455 modem. So I was wondering if it is possible to swap the modems. Is the firmware on the BR1 flexible enough to identify the other modem to configure/manage it?

I understand and fully agree that this voids the warranty.

If this kind of question is inappropriate for this forum then please remove it and my apologies. Just trying to keep good hardware running for a bit longer and avoid filling up our landfills.

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With this said:

As far as I know it should work, test it out and let us know.

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I’d be very curious to know if it works. This would be a HUGE selling point for Peplink. From another project we have some orphaned Telit 940s which could see a second life replacing lower category modems in as-yet-unpurchased Peplinks. Seems to me like it probably would work, both operating off AT commands and all…


It would void the warranty, and it may also cause an issue with certification in your country- in Australia for example the device (BR1 Mini HW1) gets certified and that includes all components… changing the module would void the certification.

Having said that, I have done some testing on Balance 20x’s swapping the module for other ones to test certain things and it works.