Possible solution for an unresponsive Peplink Balance in LAN

Sometimes customers may experience the problem with an unresponsive Peplink Balance when connecting it through a switch in LAN; the Peplink Balance cannot route traffic and it cannot be pinged.

When a Peplink Balance is first replacing an existing network device in a network, the switch might not update its ARP table immediately. While relying on its outdated ARP table data, the switch is unable to recognize the Peplink Balance since the Peplink Balance’s MAC address has not been reflected in the ARP table yet.

A possible resolution for solving this problem is to flush the ARP table of the switch by rebooting the switch.

The following diagram illustrates the scenario:

A Peplink Balance will be placed in this network to replace the Router.

After placing the Peplink Balance in the network, it stays unresponsive even though it uses the same IP address of the Router that is removed earlier. The Switch cannot recognize the Peplink Balance, because its ARP table has not been updated to reflect the MAC address of the Peplink Balance.

Rebooting the Switch will refresh its ARP table to reflect the current network configuration.

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