Port Redirect Question

With the Balance 305 R2, is it possible to setup a rule that says:

Anything which comes in on port 4444, redirect this port 443 and send to server

At which point the server whose ip is which is running a web server will see the traffic on port 443?

This can be done via port forwarding. Log into the Balance and head to the Network tab. Step 1 is to setup the server, so under Inbound Access click Servers. Give your server a name and enter its LAN IP.

Hit save, then head to the Services option under Inbound Access. Click add service, give the service a name, and set the port option to port mapping. 4444 is your service port aka the port you are coming in at, and the map to port is 443, the port you want to hit on the local device.

Then check mark which WAN connections you want this to work on, and check mark the server you saved previously. Hit save, then apply changes, and you are set. Now any inbound traffic at 4444 will redirect to the server at 443 and you’ll hit the web server.