Port Mirroring for M2M apps

Peplink Team,

We have an application which requires an ethernet communication for a electric meter. Today the meter is connected to another modem which is being replaced to our Peplink BR1 Cellular Router but the connection could not be established at this time.

We need to “see and capture” what is transferring from the LAN1 BR1 to the energy meter and from the another modem to the energy meter in order to study them and solve the problem.

Could you give us any idea how do it?

Thanks in Advance,

There are two physical ports on the LAN interface; however you can do a network capture from the BR1 to help troubleshoot this. After logging in, type in this URL to do the packet capture:

http://<Your device’s IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi

You can download the zip folder with PCAP files from the device.

Thanks Ron, it will be useful.

And do you have any recommendation regarding any software to analyze the data?

I use Wireshark to view the captures and it works well.