Port Forwarding to Speedfusion Cloud

I have Transit Duo routers. I’m trying to run RTSP server on the router that can be accessed by a remote user, not through a VPN, but via NAT forwarding.

I use Speedfusion Cloud, and I use mypep.link DDNS. Is it possible to access the router and forwarded port via Speedfusion connection. The port forwarding option only lets me select all the WAN plus pepVPN connections. I’m not sure if the pepVPN includes forwarding over the Speedfusion. And I don’t know if the ‘mypep.link’ DDNS address can point to the Speedfusion server or not. So far I’m only able to use a single WAN with “mypep.link:port#” to get to my video encoder/server.

Am I missing something, or is this not possible?


Speedfusion cloud does not have static IP’s currently so I’m guessing this is not possible yet.

This is not currently possible. You would need to host your own FusionHub appliance to achieve this.