Port Forwarding Rules Orginization


Good Afternoon
Could we please allow the port forwarding list to function like the firewall and outbound policies page where we can drag and drop the rules?
I know this has no bearing on the priority of the rules as there should only be one applicable rule but it would make it nicer to be able to organise the rules.
This could also be done automatically and the list organised by IP address or port.
It would make viewing and editing rules easier.



Just to check enable sorting by “Server IP Address” and “Protocol Number / Port” will that help on the view ?


Hi Sit
It would make viewing rules much easier.
Protocol Number Port might need to be have two options of public port and server port



Engineering team still considering the better ways to display the Port Forwarding Rules.

As you know, for complex port forward rules a single rule can consist of multiple servers and port range and others. It’s not easy to give a overall sorted view that satisfied everyone.

Let us open this to others as well to suggest the improvement that they would like to see.