Port forwarding on Surf SOHO

Replaced my buggy dlink router with the surf soho and am wondering the correct way to setup up the port forwarding to the IP address of my Microsoft 2008 r2 server which is running our VPN software. Previously in dlink I had one rule where you could list the individual ports and that I forwarded ports 47 and 1723 to both TCP and UDP. In the soho you can only forward a single port you can’t list them both in the same rule. How do I forward both ports 47 and 1723 to the server. Would I make 4 separate services for both ports in udp and tcp.?

You will need to create 4 rules separately to forward TCP/UDP for 47 and 1723 ports.

You could find more details about port forwarding here: Define a specific port / range of ports to forward and map to another specified port / range of ports


Nice thing about the Surf SOHO and forwarded ports: inbound firewall rules can limit the source IP addresses that can use the ports. And, it can also log every time the forwarded port is used. I have found this handy.