Port forwarding from FusionHub with drop-in mode


Hi everyone,

If a customer has 2 WAN connections, and WAN1 is using drop in mode with IP and WAN2 is dynamic, with customer firewall, both are in a SpeedFusion tunnel to FusionHub and I want to port forward FusionHub’s public IP to the customer router, am I forwarding the ports on FH to I’ve only done it before with NAT where I forward to the IP that the Balance device assigns to the customer firewall, but with drop-in mode I wasn’t sure.

Similar if the customer only has 1 IP, if the Balance and the customer firewall are both using, do I port forward FH ports to this IP?



Seem the firewall having Drop-in-mode Public IP address, may i know why you still need port forward from the Fusionhub ? Do you have the use case for this?


If WAN1 goes down then the drop in mode public IP is useless, so FusionHub’s IP is used for inbound as it doesn’t matter which WAN link is up.


Look like the target port forward device is behind the firewall and you need to do port forwarding at FusionHub. Firstly, you need to do port forwarding to IP address at FusionHub (ensure you do have public IP on WAN of FusionHub). Secondly, you need to do port forwarding at the firewall to the target device.