Port Forward on LAN Side Issue

I have a Peplink Balance 20. I have a Security DVR (port 18004) and Web Cam (port80) on my LAN. Port Forwarding is setup so the Ip’s & Ports get where they need to be. I use a DDNS service. All works fine on the WAN side looking IN towards those devices when entering my DDNS Address.

When on the LAN, I can not access those devices/ip’s when I enter the DDNS address. (NOR can I access when I enter my WAN IP) either way…

For example while accessing DVR from my cellphone app, all works fine on the cellular network end to DDNS address. But when on the LAN in Wifi mode and you try accessing via the same DDNS address, Nothing… Same issue with the PEPWAVE Utility App. Works fine when on the outside WAN, but when i’m connected on the LAN its not finding it.

Sure I can create another profile with the LAN IP and use while on the LAN but what a pain. I should only need 1 profile and 1 address per device. I hope that all makes sense. What am I missing???

LAN side access would not use port forwarding rules, you would just enter the LAN IP and port. Example:

Yes I know… But that means I would have have 2 profiles for every app I have in my phone. Peplink Utility, DVR, Camera, etc. One with the LAN Address and one with the DDNS (WAN) Address to access those devices.

Is there a way for devices (such as my phone) on the LAN to see whats behind its own WAN address using the WAN IP to access ? If I can do something as simple as this with a piece of * linksys I know there has to be a way to do it with this peplink.

Ok sorry to sound like an idiot. Seems to of been a DNS issue. After turning off DNS Caching and turn off use Google Public DNS Servers and MANUALLY entering DNS servers under DHCP server settings, all is good now!