Polepoint 200 firmware

Does anyone know where I might find the latest firmware for a Pepwave Polepoint 200? The unit’s flash is currently at 4.7.2. I’m also wondering whether this AP can be managed by a Balance 20.

This is an obsoleted model. Please consider changing your device. Please find the replacement AP below.

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Your reply doesn’t answer my question. Obsolete? The unit works, supports WPA2 encryption, and is made by pepwave (now Peplink). I wish to reconfigure the unit with the last firmware release for this model, so I can determine whether is can be managed as an AP with a Balance 20. The Peplink website hosts firmware for other Peplink models which are obsolete, like an HW1 Soho. I don’t feel my request is unreasonable.

Hi MadDog927ca:

What TK means is the PolePoint is an End of Life product that doesn’t have ongoing support. The unit was replaced by the AP One Family of products.

To your question, the PP is not able to be managed by the AP Controller and firmware wise, things did not progress much past 4.7.2. Looking in the archives, it looks like there might be a .8 build as the final release.

I agree with TK, the AP family is definitely a more powerful and flexible unit but it’s awesome that an Older PolePoint is still in play! =)

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